8051 Microcontrollers and Vendors

Following companies manufacture 8051 based microcontrollers. Some of their famous models are explained in details - memory amount, peripherals, speed and other options. Additionaly we provide step by step guides how to program flash memory for the most popular models, and very simple startup projects, like "blinking LED", for example.

  • Atmel produce both "classic" and single-cycle models, flash and mask-ROM memory options, rich in peripherals (e.g. CAN, USB, on-chip debug). In detail: AT89S8253, AT89S52.
  • Cyrod Technologies Inc. is a promising company. They aquired 8051 business from Ramtron International Inc. in 2006.
  • Intel is the origin of MCS 51 architecture.
  • Maxim (Dallas) 8051 micrcontrollers have also rich feature set - 10/100 Ethernet, CAN, sigle cycle core, etc.
  • NXP (Philips) produce both "classic" and single-cycle 8051 micrcontrollers. Some ot their features include single cycle core, on-package LCD controller, +/- 2.5% internal oscillator, etc.
  • Ramtron produce an interesting 8051 microcontroller. Their VRS51L3074 employs on-chip FRAM.
  • Silicon Labs produce high spped 8051 micrcontrollers (up to 100 MIPS). Some of their features include fast ADC (up to 1Msps), Ethernet, USB, CAN.

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